To Go In or Not To Go In

THAT is the question.

The school year is so incredibly hectic and crazy, I make a silent pledge to myself at the beginning of every July to go into school over the summer to do some work and get a head start on the year.

Wellll, let’s just say that didn’t happen.

Not to say that I didn’t think about it; everyday I toyed with the idea but between the indulgent sleep-ins and that glorious sunshine, going into work just didn’t seem to fit into my schedule. It wasn’t until the middle of August when I finally mustered up some courage to dig up the key from the bottom of my school bag and venture into my classroom.

I saw misplaced furniture, random piles of books and paper, three spiders and way too much dust.

I left after 23 minutes.

Everyone goes into school the last week before school starts to get things in order. It’s just hard getting anything done because we’re all catching up with one another so we end up scrambling. Inevitably, the day after Labour Day sneaks up on us much too quickly. Next year, I’ll be sure to start my preparations earlier. Definitely. For sure.


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